1st Meeting For Science Poetry

So during the first meeting we had to get to know our team and then were given a variety of activities. Firstly, we had to decide what do we prefer individually between science and literature. Majority of us prefered science, but me personally I prefer both. Science I take interest in whereas Literature is just a strong subject of mine.

Once we had picked what we preffered, the science people had pictures to choose from and explain why they had chose that specific picture, the literature students had to pick a quote and explain why they had chosen it. I was one of the science students and  picked a picture of Albert Einstein writing a confusing equation.

albertThis was the picture I had picked. The reason for picking this was because I felt it had reflected on how I feel about science. I have always found science challenging especially physics but at the same time I find it interesting. Just like the picture shows that 6-3=6 which does not make sense it still intrigues me.

For the second activity, a 2 – sided worksheet was given to us. On one side it said to draw a picture of what we think a scientist looks like and to write down 5 worss which we would use to describe a poet. On the other side, there were instructions to 3 experiments. We were then split into 3 groups so that each group does an experiment. Once the experiments were done, we were shown how the activity is evaluated which was either by recording their response for a video or showing pictures of a smiley face if they had enjoyed it or a sad face if they didn’t.img_1180

By the end of the meeting we were asked to see what we can develop and improve to make the activity for the children more interesting and appealing. We decided that the worksheet definately had to be developed as it was in black and white and was hard to read. It also did not look appealing especially if you put into context that the worksheet will be for kids. And perhaps look at the evaluation methods as recording can make children nervous and might just say what they think you want them to say.  We also thought to laminate the sad and smiley faces as it can keep them in good condition and prevent children from scribbling on them.

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