Didsbury Islamic Centre Event ( The Actual day)

The day before the event the volunteers had to go and set up the venue. We did this by decorating our boards for the displays trying to make them look aesthetically pleasing. So that people are more willing to approach them and read.

Then we ordered mannequins to dress them as a Muslim woman would dress as demonstrations. I had then created a little childrens corner which involved face painting, colouring, drawing, creating things with lego. This is so that people with children could leave their children in a safe environment and more focused on gaining knowledge.

On the day, we got food delievered and made a food area, this is because we have noticed that offering food is generally a good way to initate conversation and obviously making sure we have a vegetarian option aswell just meat. To my suprise when having some coversations with people, there were some that attended to the attack which happened in Westminster, this had made them want to know what the religion of Islam truly is and is it true what they see on media. After spending a few hours at the Centre they said that they now know that Islam is in fact the complete opposite of what the media portrays it to be and was very grateful that they had an opportunity to visit an actual mosque.

There was a woman whom I was teaching about the importance of motherhood, she seemed very intrigued and actually started to cry. Because of this more people started to come and listen as she attracted attention. Many people especially women, felt empowered after their visit, comments such as ” I always thought that Muslim women were inferior, now I see that they are actually elevated in Islam and makes me proud to be a woman.” Someone who converted to the religion three days before the event said “I am so proud to be a Muslim Woman, I never realised my status.” Comments like these were very nice to hear as we could tell that our event was a success as our aim was to educate the community and clear misconceptions.

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