First interaction and 2nd Meeting (Science Poetry)

So before presenting the Science Poetry project, I was thinking to create an activity which involves the PH scale as I felt it was being neglected and would be good for children to learn about it. i had then teamed up with Shabana to think of ideas together.  We came up with the idea to create large posters of the PH scale and draw little pictures of objects that we see in our daily life such as drain cleaner, water, apple, pears, milk, coffee etc. We made about 4 copies of each poster and object at first then we had coloured them in and finally laminated them so that they can be reused and still be kept in good condition. We had made sure that they were colourful so that the activity looks pleasing to the childrens eye.

We then had to present our project to children who would come to visit Manchester Metropolitan University. There were only a few children whom attended but we still managed to see if our project was successful so far. Some of the problems that we had encountered was that some of our objects on the PH scale was spelt wrong. Another problem was that the first experiment we felt that the children had found it abit boring as there was no reaction.

Few days later, we then had a meeting with Juliette and Sam. The purpose of this meeting was to see our progress. Sam had loved our idea about how to involve the PH scale and thought it looked beautiful. However, he said that we needed to make more copies as they normally put children into groups of 6. Thankfully Lucy had volunteered to do the rest of the copies. Shabana had then sorted the spelling mistakes. We then discussed that we were ready to present our project to another group of school children.

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