Presenting Science Poetry to Year 5

Julliette had arranged for Year 5 children to come to the University so that we can deliver our project in the resource centre. This was an appropiate place for delivering our project as it was had art displays which had intrigued children and alot of natural lightening and a sufficient amount of space.

We had organised 6 tables with all the activities for the children, including equipment for the experiments, PH scale posters and the objects, worksheets and pens. We then invited the children inside and Sam had introduced the project. The children were told to do the PH scale activity first. So we explained to them what was meant by the terms alkaline and acids. They then matched the objects to where they thought they belonged on the PH scale. Once they were done, Sam had asked them all to see if they got it correct.

We then proceeded to the experiments, the children had loved the reactions even though my table somehow something had went wrong they still were amazed. Before testing the PH of the experiments the children implemented what they learnt from the previous  activity and guessed the PH of the experiment correctly.

After that activity, we had cleared up and told the students to fill in the worksheets which were given. Like describing the experiments, writing their own poetry and then listening to Sam read poetry and engaging with the poetry. For example, everytime they heard the word Bang! they should stamp their feet. This makes poetry seem more fun.

In the end some of the children were interviewed to see whether or not they had enjoyed the activities and if their opinion on science or poetry had changed.

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