Didsbury’s Islamic Centre Event ‘The Muslim Woman’ (Meetings and Preparation)

Currently I am one of the main volunteers at Didsbury’s Islamic Centre. Previously we had done an open day for non-muslims to come and learn about the religion and learn about our lifestyle along with eating food, watching the prayer and discussing any questions that they may have. We had also provided getting your name done in arabic calligraphy, hennah and face painting for the children.

Due to the major success of this event we then thought we should do another event but perhaps base it on something more specific. In the Western society Muslim women are stereotypically viewed as oppressed and inferior to men therefore seen as unequal and looked down upon. So in order to clear these misconceptions we thought we should base our event on ‘The Muslim Woman’.

We had a meeting discussing what topics should be discussed and displayed. We decided to do topics such as: ‘ Women in the household’ – this covers the importance of motherhood in Islam, the concept of polygamy, the importance of respecting the wife, the teacher of the household. Another topic was ‘What is the hijab: Liberation or Oppression’ – this talks about why muslim women wear the hijab, what the hijab is exactly is and how it is a liberation. Other topics were ‘ Great Muslim Women Past and Present’- this topic was about inspirational women who can be seen as role models for different things, such as women who successfully achieved things even when faced with great barriers, fighters, medical practitioners, poets, well educated. We thought it would be a good idea to add both women from the past and present women to show that there have been great Muslim women throughout life, and is not something new.

To present these topics we had to create display boards which would look aesthitically pleasing and not have so much information as there would be atleast two people stood at each display board to explain their topic. We then had another area that had posters just talking about Islam in general to provide general knowledge. We had also organised a pannel of speakers who would discuss about a certain topic, we had aimed for speakers to be from different backgrounds and different careers.


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