Star Lab (Supporter)

In the beginning, the core members had to read a stories about Greek mythology, many children had already knew about the stories as I could hear them whispering what would happen next. Then  they were asked to spot certain constellations such as the lion, the crab and Hercules etc. They were then asked to spot the constellations as if they were just staring at the night sky. To me it was surprising how children could still spot the constellations as I was trying my best to focus and spot them, I wasn’t able to do so, even if they were indicating with the red laser light where they could see it, I still wasn’t able to make out the shape of the constellations. I don’t know if this was due to my lack of imagination or creativity.

They were then given work sheets, which involved them creating their own constellations and writing up their own stories which later can be read to everyone else and have their pictures taken.

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