Science Festival

So recently I volunteered to help take part in a science festival which was held in Wythenshawe. There were many activities for the children to do, such as; drawing and colouring, making circuits, guessing the sound of the animal, printing peppered moths, robot poetry and creating science stories.

I was specifically in charge of alternating between the circuit activity, the science stories and the drawing and colouring.

In the circuit activity, the children had to tinker around with the equipment given. Which was:

  • A copper wire
  • A battery
  • LED lights

The aim of the activity is to be able to make the LED lights work. Many children enjoyed it, especially when they could get the light to work. According to my observations I realised that boys were able to create the circuit more quicker than girls.

For the drawing and colouring activity, children had to draw what they thought a scientist looked like to them and write 3 words to describe a scientist. The drawings had varied, some drew scientists as monsters, some as crazy looking men, or even a sophisticated woman. This activity made me question why do we perceive scientists as ‘crazy’?


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