Early Years Science Activities (1st project meeting)

So in the first meeting for the early learning videos we got to try out activities that children would be expected to do. The whole aim of these activities is to make reading fun and for children to use their imagination and question things.

The first activity I did was reading the children’s book called ‘The Stick Man’. Then there were pieces of wood and string which we were meant to create our own stick men using the equipment. My group agreed on the fact that it makes you feel more engaged in the book and is a fun way of learning. We also discussed how this will be even more fun if we do this activity outdoors such as a park or woodland area. This is because we have noticed that children find school trips more exciting and therefore are more likley to be enthuiastic in taking part in activities.img_1188

The second activity I did was to read another book called ‘Lost and Found’. Once finished reading we were given a tank full of water and many objects such as different sized toy frogs, toy penguin, mini pots, rocks and many other various objects. The aim of this activity was for the children to see what objects float and what objects sink.  This gets the children to question why if the objects that seem heavy may not neccessarily sink, which then links into science, so without them realising they are learning about science but in a fun interactive way. Then we were given sodium polyacrylate which when you add a few drops of water it becomes a substance similar to snow and slowly expands. I could have imagined that this would have been very exciting for the kids to observe. We were then told that this material is used in nappies as it is very absorbent. After this activity we discussed that the children could make a mini stage in the tank which related to the book. For example, half of the tank can have a container which is filled with freezing cold water and the other half could be filled with sodium polyacrylate which will demonstrate the snow, and put the toy penguin in a container which floats in the water.

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