Supporter For The Funologists

So on the 22nd of February, I attended the Funologists event as a supporter. I had no idea what to expect, but as much as the kids had enjoyed it, I also enjoyed it. The children involved were home educated children, for me this was an interesting experience as I found that these children were in my eyes more intelligent than those who are not home schooled.

The first activity was to sit in a circle and make a rythm with our hands and thighs. So first it’s two claps on the thighs then one clap with the hands and a click from each hand. Once we all got use to the rythm we then had to introduce ourselves by also saying our names with the rythm. Once it is your turn to introduce yourself then the rest of the group copies. I found this such a great and fun way of introducing everyone and at the same time learning how to make music in harmony, using our own bodies.

The second activity involved imagination, we were asked to stand up while still being in the circle, the woman had showed a cardboard tube, our task as individuals was to act out what else the tube could be used for. She first demonstrated that it could be used for a telescope, I noticed that the adults found it more difficult than the children to imagine what else it could be used for. I said it could be used as a sword. There were a variety of ideas from the children, such as, a horse, ores, trumpet, a prosthetic leg, a statue etc.

The third activity was quite confusing but I guess that was part of the fun. Again using our imagination we had to pretend that we had a ball in of energy in our hands and had to pass it as quick as possible to the person next to us and say zap, then we had to pass it the other way around but zip, at this moment a little girl thought that since it is the reverse way around we should say ‘paz’ as thats zap spelt backwards. Then once we got the hang of that we then could pass the ‘imaginary ball’  to any person we want whether it is right or left, opposite or diagnol but to do so we have ‘bounce’ and the other person should know we are passing it to them. This became very fun but very confusing, the kids seemed to have enjoyed it.

For the fourth activity, the children were given a sheet which had many options such as, nike/ adidas, fried chicken/pizza, olympics/ world cup football, cats/dogs etc. The children had to pick between the options for example, when the woman shouts which do you prefer between nike and adidas, those who prefer adidas had to run to the right side of the room and those who liked nike had to run to the left side of the room. Once they had gone through all the options, there were numbers to each of the options on the board, the children had to add up the numbers according to their own options. Then we had to all line up, this includes parents, children, teachers and supporters according to our scores in order. Then those with lower scores were classed as consumers and those with higher scores were classed as producers. This is where the next activity was going to begin.

So for the final activity the children and parents were divided, the consumers sat at the left side of the room and the producers were sat on the left side of the room. We were then all shown a video about the future and the role of consumers and producers. The consumers were seen as lower class people and in order to survive they have to keep buying and buying from the producers. The producers have to advertise their products so that the consumers can buy them. We then had to all imagine that we were people in the future and think of questions to ask the leaders. The children came up with very good questions such as, ‘if consumers have to keep buying where do we get the money from?’ or ‘ what happens to the producers if the consumers don’t buy or do they get punished?’ Afterwards, there was a pretend case where a consumer had hacked on to the system and created an advertisement to NOT buy the product. Which would apparently ruin the system. So the children who were producers had to create advertisements to sell an iphone. However, consumers had to try and advertise products not to buy. This is done by coding so although children are having a fun time, simultaneously they are learning coding and how to advertise online.

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