Skype Meeting Early Years Science Activities

So we had a Skype meeting from 2:30 – 3:30pm with a university in Spain. They had a childrens space where children can explore science but in a fun and creative way. Although it is a very large space the maximum children they allow is 25 with 2 educators from the university and 2 of their own teachers. They had given a tour of the space and we had noticed that the equipment that was used were very simple but effective. For example, there were these bottles which had things inside them so that the children can shake them and see what sounds they make, then there was a dark black bottle which you could not see inside but then the childrens job is to figure out which substance is inside by seeing which of the other bottles sound the same.

Another activity was using these rotating mirrors and wooden shapes for them to see the different types of symmetry. Other activities involved things like animals feaces in a petry dish and reading a story book about animals feaces so that they can figure out for themselves which animal the faeces belongs to. The educators had said that children love exploring physically but at the same time they like narrative styles, this is why children love books. They also said that the educators do not really involve themselves in the childrens activities as they believe children should not be spoon fed everything and it gives them a chance to be investigators and find their own hypothesis. The only times when educators intervene is when giving the children clues. They also encourage the teachers to not intervene and in order for teachers to agree to invite children to participate in activities is to tell them the aims and philosophies of the activities that you have given.

They suggested ideas for our projects. We could show different habitats and leave clues so that children can guess what animal it belongs to. And perhaps ask questions to them to get them thinking.

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